Sunday, November 24, 2013

Baby Riot!

Being a sound designer and composer, Pete has the opportunity to work on some really cool projects. In my opinion, he is a total sound stud!  I mean, he won an Academy Award for Sound Design on the movie Braveheart for goodness sakes.  You can read more about Pete's work here.

Recently, a friend of Pete's named Paul Cuoco asked Pete to do sound design for a Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" commercial contest.  You guys, this commercial is super funny and it sounds awesome.  Seriously, what could be cuter than a baby riot?

Check it out and please vote for "Baby Riot!"

Baby Riot!www.doritos.comSubmitted From: United States Baby gates and Dads can’t stop the determination of a trio of babies when it comes to getting their mitts on the bold cheesy taste of Doritos.

Here is a behind the scenes picture peek at our youngest monkey girl doing a voice over for the commercial...

She's the voice of the blonde baby boy at the end of the commercial making the "Mmmm" sound.

Awesome work, Paul, Pete and the whole cast and crew of "Baby Riot!"  Good luck!



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