Monday, November 4, 2013

Some Things In Life Just Make Me Smile - Japanese Edition

We love Japan!  Over the years, through business travel to Japan and hosting Japanese college students we have formed some really awesome friendships.  One thing that I especially love about Japanese culture is the quirkiness.  It just makes me smile when I see things like...

 Ahhh! Smooth as a...somehow "baby's butt" just doesn't fit here.

Because nothing is more soothing than a sharp razor blade on the jugular vein.

Do not mess with the chef!  He will go all sumo on you!

A kinder, gentler King Kong...

Sometimes you just need a salad now. On the double! Move it people! 

Don't even think about leaving without paying!  The kitchen ninja is watching!  Always watching! And he might bite you with his freakishly huge teeth. 

It's not mediocre English.  It's perfect and it's certified.  Boom!

As long as it's an iron plate.  

Because nine inch heels always work well on motor scooters.



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