Friday, November 8, 2013

Can You Build Sandcastles in the Desert?

Human monkey children are quite precocious creatures.  Over the years, our monkeys have said some really hysterical stuff and asked some quirky questions.  Here is a sampling:

Little Monkey:  "Mom, when I turn 20 my name will be Franklin.
Me:  "But your name is Andrew.."
Little Monkey:  "Andrew is a kid's name."

Little Monkey:  "Can you build sandcastles in the dessert?"
Me:  "No, because there is not enough water to mix with the sand."

Funny story here...this summer in New York, Little Monkey was playing in a sand box at the park.  There were a handful of other kids in the sand box and all of their moms were sitting on the edge watching them play. Little Monkey suddenly got a very strange look on his face, and I didn't think much about it until about 2 minutes later when I noticed that the front of his shorts were suspiciously wet and a few moms were ushering their kiddos out of the sand box. I wanted to bury my head right then and there in that sand. Parenthood is so humbling.

Oh, and after the sand box "incident" there was plenty of moisture in the sand box to build a sand castle.  EEEWWW!

Little Monkey:  "My underwear has a secret pocket."

Youngest Monkey Girl:  "Love is operation, it's like a temptation thingy."

Youngest  Monkey Girl:  "Crunchy Crotch" A.K.A. "Country Crock"  This was always a fun one to explain to dinner guests ;-).

Middle Monkey Girl:  Lyrics to "Funky Town" - "Taco body, Taco body, Taco body, glueby, gluebin"

Little Monkey:  "Was Dad a grown up when I was born?"  "Dad was born in 1860."

Youngest Monkey Girl:  When she finished a semester of ballet - "My dancing career is over."

Middle Monkey Boy:  "Green Crackers"  A.K.A "Green Bay Packers"

How about you friends?  Do you have any funny monkey quotes or moments to share?



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