Sunday, November 3, 2013

Elvis Is a Renaissance Man

I took the monkey girls to the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire yesterday.  Do you like how I spelled fair the fancy way, "faire"? A "faire" is one step up from a "fair" in that it does not have the spin and puke ride or fried Twinkies (although it did have funnel cakes).  A "faire" is like a "fair's" sophisticated older cousin.

It was a beautiful day to be outside, if you had on a bathing suit.  Which we didn't because it's supposed to be fall here, even though it is a gazillion degrees outside. No one should be wearing a bathing suit in the fall, especially at a Renaissance Faire.  I bet the volunteers at the faire wished that they could wear bathing suits.  They had to wear heavy medieval period style clothing.

Stuff like this....

and this...

The monkeys enjoyed this cultural experience quite a lot.  They made things like golden rings.

They shot arrows.

We even watched a falconry demonstration.  It was really interesting and slightly stressful because one of the birds decided it had had enough and flew away.  There's nothing quite like a disgruntled falcon.  It's kind of hard to watch a falcon demonstration without a falcon to demonstrate.

One person in the crowd didn't let some silly A.W.O.L. falcon shake him up.  He was cool a  cucumber in his blue suede shoes.  Elvis is apparently a renaissance man! Who knew?

I am happy to report that the falcon did return eventually.   Elvis however, has left the building.



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