Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Birthday Boy in the House!!!

Hello there friends!  I hope that your week is going very well.  Today is a special day here at the Lehman Hacienda!  Our middle monkey boy is turning 14!

Sniff, sniff, dabbing eyes...could this be bittersweet tears or is this an allergic reaction from the copious amount of Axe Body Spray that our boy has just sprayed on?

It seems like just yesterday that this little guy was toddling around here

getting boo-boos on his face and eating pizza.

And now?  Well, I guess some things have not changed.

He's still getting boo-boos on his face...

and he still likes pizza.

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One thing that has changed though is our love for this boy.  It grows stronger and stronger with each passing moment.  And I might add that he gets more handsome and more amazing each day. 

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!  We love you so!


From all of us

P.S.  Oh, and those tears, they are definitely not from the Axe Body Spray.

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