Friday, June 15, 2012

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends and Family.

THANK YOU!  You all have helped me make a final decision on the headshot that I will bring to my audition.

Honestly, it felt a little strange posting pictures of myself.  I felt a bit vain and a little wacky. However, I loved your feedback.  It was so uplifting and encouraging.  It felt like we were a team making this decision together. 

The picture that we choose is the "Smiley".

Actually, this picture was not my first choice, I was opting for the "Sassy".  However, after doing some research on theatrical versus commercial headshots I had to let "Sassy" go.  In general, theatrical headshots are typically more serious than commercial headshots.  This is not an "official" rule, but a good rule of thumb.

The picture we choose is not too smiley and not too serious.  It is a good mash up.  Thank you again for your input. And a HUGE thank you to Heather of Lisbet Photography for taking these amazing pictures.

With headshots, it is very important to represent your true self.  In other words, your headshot should look like you.  That way when you walk into an audition and hand over your headshot, the director will not wonder where the person in the picture is.

Now, when it comes to printing out the headshot I learned that color prints, with a matte finish (glossy produces a glare) are the industry standard these days. Also a white or black border is a must and your name should be in the bottom left, center, or right side of the picture. Theatrical and commercial headshots are printed in a portrait format and they are always 8 x 10.

There is a great video series from a casting director that has answered many of my questions and helped me in preparation for this audition.  Here is a link if you want to check it out.

And now for the resume...Gulp...




  1. So beautiful! I am thinking if the acting thing doesn't work out you have a future in modeling!

  2. Thank you, Lisa! That is so sweet!