Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Blessing Tree - A Unique Bridal or Baby Shower Idea

Tis the season for showers.  We recently hosted an afternoon tea bridal shower.  It was lovely.   I really enjoy hosting bridal and baby showers.  There are so many amazing ideas and themes to choose from.  

Here is a fun idea from a baby shower that we hosted:


Step 1:  Go to your local plant nursery and purchase a small tree.  The ficus tree is a great choice. 

 Step 2:  Place the tree in a basket or pretty pot.

Step 3:  Decorate the tree with little baubles and trinkets.  With an ocean themed baby shower, I used little silver starfish and tiny capris shell rings to adorn the tree.  Clear fishing line worked well when securing the decorations to the branches.

 Step 4:  And now for the fun part.  Provide guests with small hanging note cards that they can write on.  Sentiments could include pieces of advice, quotes, verses, or special memories.   I used round, metal-lined labels tied with thin blue ribbons.  Make sure to provide a high quality fine felt tipped pen for guests to write with.

Step 5:  Secure sentiments to the tree.  The tree will be a work in progress throughout the party.

Now the mother-to-be (or even the bride-to-be) has a very special keepsake to remind her how much she is loved.



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