Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A-Day, The 80's and My Resume

Today is A-Day!  My audition slot is this evening and I am as ready as I'll ever be.  I'm pretty sure that my family is ready too.  Do you think it's a bad sign when your toddler asks for you to sing "Fly Me to the Moon" at bedtime?  Or when he blurts out, "I'm breaking up with you!" (which is a line from the monologue I am doing) when he is mad that he can not have ice cream for breakfast? Hmm...

I worked on my theatrical resume yesterday and it was kind of fun.  I actually had to pull out some of my old yearbooks to research the names of the plays that I acted in.  Ah, the 80's...such a special time...the clothes...the hair...the braces...the hair...the eye-liner...the hair...

Just look at this display of 80's awesomeness:

Oh, and then to keep the laughter rolling.  Check these pictures out:

I'm Norma the pink I-Zod clad cheerleader in the background shouting out my one line, "YAY, Jock!"  Riveting!

And here I am as Nona the "Elevator Operator".  So edgy!

Oh, here is a doozy. Two seconds after this picture was snapped, the poor guy who played my "fiancé" actually lost his grip on me and dropped me flat on my butt on stage.  Good times!
Despite the "80's Magical Moments Review", I was able to to finish my theatrical resume.  I found this article to be particularly informative.  In addition to those plays from years ago, I was able to include more recent voice over work that I have done and even shared about my background in Speech and Language Pathology (thanks, Anne!).

So, thanks for all the encouragement!  I'll let you know how it goes!



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  1. So glad that I could help a little. I am SO PROUD of you! Break a leg tonight! 9 oh 5, oh my!