Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fly Me to the Moon!

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Yesterday, I blogged about my utter lack of any audition know how.  In a nutshell, I want to audition for a play / musical. So, I found a local theatre company, signed up for an audition, researched what to prepare for said audition, and found a comedic monologue that made me laugh out loud.

Today, let's talk about THE SONG.

Remember, these instructions?

"Actors over the age of 17 that wish to be considered for a musical should prepare one song (16 bars) with/without sheet music. An accompanist and a CD player is provided for all auditions. "

Well, I pondered and researched and sweated buckets.  Not counting night time sing alongs with the monkeys, and congregational worship in church, I have not formally sang since I was in Mrs. Bass's  9th grade all girls choral ensemble. Yikes!

However, I need not fear, because Music Man lives here!  Pete helped me find just the right song in the right key for me.  He has been coaching me (in between fits of shared laughter) and I must say that I am feeling more comfortable with those 16 bars of musical mayhem each day.  Pete is even going to record an accompaniment track for me on the piano. You rock, Music Man!

Oh, you may be wondering what I choose as THE SONG?

One of my all time favorites...

"Fly Me to the Moon!" by Sinatra



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