Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So...How Did It Go?

Wowsers!  Thank you everyone for all of the prayers, well wishes and encouragement!  The audition went really well. I want to share what happened with you, but first, I have to show you the cutest "audition" ever.  This is our youngest monkey singing "Fly Me to the Moon" and reciting some of the roller coaster monologue that he has memorized:

The audition was at 9:05 PM at the Black Box Theatre at Loch Haven Park.  It was nice to have it later in the evening because we were able to get the monkeys fed and settled in for the night before walking out the door.  Pete came with me, which was such a relief.  He let me practice ad nauseam on the way to the theatre.  We arrived early, so we took a walk around Loch Haven Park.  It is a beautiful open grassy area,  full of fun childhood memories for me.  After some more practice and prayer, it was time to check in for the audition.

At the check in desk, I turned in my headshot with my resume neatly attached. There was an information form that I had to fill out.  I had to list all of my contact information, stats (that includes weight (fun!), height, eye and hair color, and age range), vocal range, dance experience (does Zumba count? :-) ), and occupation.  I thought about that occupation question for a moment or two.  Would Domestic Engineer be a good answer?  Or maybe, Child Development Specialist or Director of Education?  Expert Diaper Changer? Chief Nose Wiper?  Professional Boo Boo Kisser? I opted for Homemaker since that pretty much sums it up. 

There were a couple of younger gals ahead of me and because we were sitting right outside the theatre doors, I was able to hear their monologues and songs.  They both did great! It warmed my heart to see or actually hear such ambition and giftedness at such a young age.

When it was my turn to audition, I was greeted by a very amiable team of people, which included an accompanist, a director and a technical assistant.  The theatre was small and intimate.  The tech did a short sound check, the director asked me what I wanted to do first (I choose the monologue) and then it was time to begin.  Thankfully, my friend, Jen, had told me ahead of time that you are video taped during the audition or I would have been very surprised.

As I started the monologue, I felt a big internal pang of panic.  My mind sort of felt numb and for a split second I was positive that I was going to forget everything that I rehearsed.  I felt slightly awkward and very scared.  Then I realized that my "real" reaction was perfect because after all I was portraying a very nervous lady faced with the awkward situation of breaking up with her boyfriend on a roller coaster.  As I moved through the monologue, I was thrilled to hear some laughter from the director.  It made me feel great to know that I was making someone laugh.  I love that aspect of acting!  The monologue came to an end and I went immediately into the song.  The room had a lot of reverb which was nice (kind of like singing in the shower).  Then it was all over. A monologue, a song, three minutes and done!

While I was auditioning, Pete was pacing the hall right outside the theatre doors.  He said that he could hear me the whole time and he was really excited.  He said that monologue was really funny and that I nailed the song.  What a guy!

Without a doubt, this has been an amazing adventure!  We have had a lot of fun as a family, preparing for this audition.  It has been so cool to bounce ideas off the kids and to get their creative input.  Pete has been the best vocal and acting coach anyone could ask for.  He even created an accompaniment track for me. It has been a joy to share this journey with my family and friends.  We will see what happens next, but really, I already feel like I have been cast in the best roles of all.  I am a very blessed wife, mom, sister, daughter, niece, friend and child of God.




  1. yay! love the great roller coaster adventure you've been on these past weeks -- grateful for your sweet hubby and monkeys who've supported you along the way.

  2. Thank you, Anne! I am grateful for dear friends like you. Pete and I were talking about how you have the gift of encouragement.