Monday, June 11, 2012

Fancy Pants Water

Tired of plain old, ordinary water? Need something more exciting to wet your whistle?  Search no more my friends, search no more!

To stay hip and hydrated this summer, just cut up a cucumber, gather together some mint leaves (I "borrowed" some from my friend's garden.  Thanks, Rikki!)

Pop the cukes and mint in a drink container with ice and water and there you have it!  

Fancy Pants Water

This water reminds me of something that would be served at some fancy pants country club where two friends, Buffy and Muffy are meeting up for lunch.  

Buffy - "Kiss, kiss!" Muffy!
Muffy - "Kiss, kiss! Buffy!"

Buffy - "Let's order a tall pitcher of fancy pants water because we are so fancy!"
Muffy - "Yes, let's!"

Kiss, kiss,


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