Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm Leaving You Winter, and I'm Taking My Jeans With Me!

Pete's mom definitely knows how to rock capris!
By a show of hands, who is ready for winter to be over?  The weather here in Florida is seriously confusing.  Hot, cold, hot, cold... Florida?  Are you hormonal?

I am ready for consistently hot weather now.  At least I will know how to dress myself and the kids.  Lately, we have resorted to all kinds of craziness in our daily outfits.  Our youngest monkey came downstairs this week wearing shorts, a hoodie and fuzzy Eskimo boots.  She debated whether or not to add gloves, but it wasn't that cold.

As soon as the weather cooperates, I am looking forward to wearing my basic summer uniform.  Capris and tees.  Ultra exciting right?

 Recently, I read an article about how unflattering capris are on most people.  It made me wonder, surely that couldn't be me, right?  I mean, I rather like the whole capri look.  Capris are like shorts older, more sophisticated sister. I decided to get my facts straight on the whole capri issue and I found this nifty little article and chart.

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Now that I have the 411 on capris, I guess I should shave my legs. Maybe that will signal summer to come.  Okay, all you ladies out there, give those gams a shave and scream, "I love summer!" Yes!



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  1. OK -- you can see the diamond thing I was talking about at dinner. If the gal in the pic above were to put her legs completely together, there would be diamonds of space near her knees and there the capri & cropped pants are labelled. For each person, the proper hem length.

    Yay! I found the link to the article: