Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Mindy Project!

Comedy.  It's my love language.  Also, chocolate.  Chocolate is also my love language.  And deep dish pizza.  Pizza pie. Extra cheese, hold the onions.

I love to laugh and apparently I love to eat.  I must be Italian.  

In my opinion, truly original humor is a rarity these days.  I love to rewind the comedy clock sometimes and watch Carol Burnett, in all her zany grandeur.  Or Lucy.  Oh, Lucy!  Her comedic timing and hilarious antics are golden.  Steve Martin's life-on-life humor is second to none.  When we first met, Pete and I knew that we had a "special purpose" because we could both quote lines from The Jerk.  And Jerry Seinfeld?  Seriously, his sarcastic wit shifted the foundation of comedy at least three degrees to the right.  

So who can hold a candle today to these comedic geniuses?  There are a few in my book.  I love Steve Carell.  He makes me laugh, hard.  Tina Fey, I like to call her the "Chameleon of Comedy".  The way that she can morph into whatever character she plays is amazing.  She is always unbelievably, believable.  

And then there is Mindy Kaling.  She is a total comedic grand slam!  She knocks it out of the park with her mad comedy skills.  Her sense of humor echoes the comedic giants of yesteryear.  If Mindy Kaling's comedic style were a pie chart, she would be one-eighth Burnett,  one-fourth Lucy,  one fourth Martin, and a sliver of Seinfeld.  And yet she is fresh and uniquely her own!  

I adore her as Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project.  At first glance, her character may seem a little cliche and one dimensional - the hopeless romantic looking for love in the big city.  But there is so much more to Dr. L than meets the eye. Mindy totally owns this role.  Her comedic timing is precise. She spins sarcasm like a master .  Her stream of consciousness dialogue is hilarious.  The character interactions and relationships keep me laughing the whole time. This show is so funny it hurts! 

And today, The Mindy Project announced that it will have a second season.  I am looking forward to it.  First, I have to recover from the laughter hernia that I have though. 



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