Thursday, March 14, 2013

That Deaf DJ

I love music and I love to dance. When I was in college at FSU, I used to live for the weekends so that I could go out dancing with my friends.  House, bass, rap, hip-hop, rock, grunge, alternative. It didn't matter what style music as long as the DJ knew how to spin it. Our favorite hangout was an awesome place called The Louvre.  I actually saw the Dave Matthews Band in concert there one spring before they were well known.  Good memories.

The art of mixing music for a live crowd has always intrigued me.  Whereas, a painter uses brushes and paints to create a visual masterpiece, a DJ works in rhythms, beats and timing to produce auditory art.

It makes sense that a DJ would need to have a sharp sense of musicality to be a master of his or her trade. Also a solid sense of hearing would be imperative or so I thought... until I read about Robbie Wilde. 

DJ/Producer Robbie Wilde, a.k.a, "That Deaf DJ" is living proof that you do not have to have picture perfect hearing to love music and make it your life's passion. DJ Robbie has been ninety percent deaf since age 11.  He literally sees and feels the music he has been creating and spinning for the better part of a decade.  DJ Robbie uses a SubPac auditory device to "feel" the music and HP's Smart Touch Sound of Touch software to "see" the music.  Audiences love his style! 

My favorite quote from DJ Robbie is, "Some things are better left unheard."  I also loved it when he said, "I don't want to be looked at as a deaf kid trying to DJ, but a great DJ who happens to be deaf."

As for me, my dance cravings are fed each week at Zumba.  Though, Pete and I did have a chance to dance in New York City when we were there last month.  We went to No.8 a fun little spot in Chelsea. Where I may or may not have danced next to Mary Kate or was it Ashley?



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