Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apparently, It IS Rocket Science

Lately, Little Monkey has been quite the communicator.  His vocabulary is getting more sophisticated. He told us the other day, that he is allergic to mice and rat's tails (okay, I'm not sure where that came from). He asks us daily about word meanings.  Today, he wanted to know what “mysterious” means. Oh, and he loves to debate too. He told Pete that the stars in the sky are dots and not real stars, because they are not shaped like stars. Okay. 

He is also asking really deep questions about life and such.  For example, here is a sample of a conversation that we had yesterday:

Little Monkey:  “Did God make me?”
Me:  “Yes, God made you.”

Little Monkey:  “Did He use a machine to make me?”
Me:  “No, He created you.”

Little Monkey:  “What did He use to create me?”
Me:  “Cells”

Little Monkey:  “What are cells?”
Me:  “Cells are like God’s special Legos (Little Monkey loves Legos).  They are so tiny that you have to use a microscope to see them.  He builds us with His special cell Legos.”  

I mean really, how do you explain creationism and molecular biology to a four year old?  

Then, just when I was feeling pretty proud of myself for my whole “God uses cell Legos to build us” explanation, Little Monkey asks, “Who made God?”  Oh my!

Wow! Creationism, molecular biology, and theology all in the same conversation.  What’s next? A lesson in rocket science? 

Why yes, yes there was.  

Living so close to the space center, we are able to see live rocket launches on a fairly regular basis. We just have to walk out into our backyard to have a great view of the launch. 

Yesterday, as we watched a rocket liftoff and head into outer space, Little Monkey was in silent awe for about 30 seconds and then the questions began.  Why do rockets have fire? Are people on the rocket? Are rockets fast? On and on.  

So apparently, modern day parents need to be well versed in all of the sciences to keep up with their monkeys' questions. Maybe, I should have just told him that I was allergic to rockets and that it's all a mystery to me. 



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