Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kids Are The Funniest Humans

Our oldest monkey and his cousin from way, way long ago. 
Really they are. They say and do the most hilarious stuff.

When I was studying to be a speech therapist, I used to have to record and transcribe kids' speech samples.  A lot of the time, I would have to rewind the tape to listen again because I had been laughing so hard that I missed something.  Some of those little people had a lot of funny things to say about life.

Throughout the years, the kids in our family have said some funnies.  Like the time when our oldest monkey told Pete that he had a "frope" (a sore throat).  Or the time when our six year old nephew told me that having a baby was like having laser beams shot through your eyes.  He was right! Middle monkey boy called the Green Bay Packers the "Green Crackers".  He also told us that he, "Slept like a hog" when he woke up one morning. Oh and, one of my personal favorites is a quote from our youngest monkey girl, "Love is an operation. It's a temptation thingy."  Don't ask me where she got that or what it even means.

Middle Monkey clowning around.
Lately, Little Monkey has been in rare form.  The kid cracks us up!  Last week, he told me that I look just like Steve from Blue's Clues because I have big brown eyes.  Then he asked me if he could touch my eyebrows.

Yesterday, as we were driving he seemed very worried and he asked me if the road was okay.  I was confused by his question, but I thought that he had felt a bump or something. Then he asked me if it hurts the road when cars drive on it.  Too funny!

What he said tonight still has me laughing.  We were cuddling in bed, reading some books when he got a very concerned look on his face.  He pointed at my underarm (which I have not shaved in a few days, sorry TMI) and said, "What happened to you?" He was very stressed out that I had hair under my arms.   He looked at his own underarms, then back at mine. Then after a few minutes, he got a sheepish grin on his face and asked, "Can I touch your gross hairy arms?" Boy, I sure am glad that he didn't see my legs because that may have totally freaked him out.



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