Friday, March 22, 2013

This and That - Weekend Edition

Well hello there! It's been a great week here on "This and That".  We have shared love stories, tips on how to lose weight, and even some helpful wardrobe ideas.  Great week!  And now, are you ready for the weekend?  I sure am!

We kickoff our spring break this weekend.  It is going to be a fun one!  How about you?  Is this your spring break week too? Do you have traveling plans?  If you don't, may I make a suggestion?

Two words:  Branson, Missouri

Pete just returned from a job up there, or out there, in Branson and boy, did he have a special time!  Apparently, Branson is very family-oriented.  There's lots to do.


The Titanic is now a family experience.  Yes! Because nothing brings a family together quite like reliving a tragedy at sea.  It's a warm fuzzy experience. 


Maybe, you are looking for a truly cultural experience?  Look no further than the 3 Redneck Tenors.  It's more better than regular opera because them boys got some lungs and their bird dogs are the back up singers. 


If you are just plain tired of paying exorbitant grocery store prices for your jerky, then you are in luck.  Stock up at THE Beef Jerky Outlet, because the world is too small for more than one of these babies. 


You are hungry.  Where should you eat?  There are so many choices in Branson.  Don't be overwhelmed or fooled by all the competition because Baldknobbers is where it's at.  Little old bald men serving country food!  Does it get any better?


Yes, yes it does get better!  The vacancy sign should put a smile on your face.  Plus, not one, but two show tickets.  It only leaves me with one question.  Why is this not a four star hotel?

Okay, so...

You may be wondering if Branson has any quaint little dessert spots.  I am hear to tell you that they do have one.  IT'SUGAR.  Go ahead and take the kiddos there.  They won't care that the sign out front is grammatically incorrect.  They will be too busy overdosing on corn syrup (it's Missouri's cash crop).  

If the kiddies get too amped up, you can always take them back to...

That ought to sober them up real quick and give them nightmares for a year or so. 

Well, that's my two cent tour of Branson, Missouri.  If you want the complete scoop on this mid-western gem, stop by the Branson Visitors' Center.  The people there are mighty friendly.  Just do not park in Pam Laboi's spot though.  Trust me...don't. 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Go ahead, I dare you :-). 

Oh, I have a couple more fun links to share with you from around the web.  Extracurricular stuff!

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