Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is Pete

This is Pete.

Pete is a sound designer and composer.  Also, he's really hot.

This is Pete's studio.

This is what happens to things in Pete's studio.

No, Pete's not having a mid-day stress relief session, it's actually a Foley session where he creates the sounds that he utilizes in his auditory creations.

Pete also does a lot of this in his studio

and this too.

When he's not in his studio, which thankfully is sound proof and located in our home,  Pete is often on location somewhere in the world.

 Sometimes he is doing audio-post production on a movie in Orlando.

Sometimes he creates and mixes sound effects for the Air Force in Pensacola.

Other times he finds himself out in San Francisco, recording sounds at MMA tournaments of sweaty men kicking each other around.

or in LA mixing sounds he has created for Universal Studios. You know, garden variety fire plumes, Simpson stunts and robot stuff.

Fun fact:  One of the sounds that Pete utilized to create robots was a recording of my breast pump when I was nursing Little Monkey.  Nice huh?

Sometimes Pete finds himself on the other side of the world mixing sound for "The Mummy" attraction in Singapore.

Playing music in remote places in China

Sleeping in a yurt. So comfy.

Meeting the locals.

Climbing great walls.

And making sure he doesn't do things like this...

Yes, this is Pete.

And whether he is recording golfers on courses

Or waves and other natural forces. 

He is the ultimate sound designer and composer in my book. Plus, he's hot.  Did I already say that?



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