Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do You Date Night?

You should.  We date night and date night is good.

Sorry, I've read too much Dr. Seuss today.

Seriously though, Music Man and I love going on dates, together, without monkeys.

Sometimes our dates are the elaborate, get dressed up in your best duds, and go paint the town types.

And some dates, are the stay home, make a late dinner, watch a fun movie in your pajamas, and paint your toe nails types. (Just to clarify, I paint my toe nails).

Either way, it is nice to spend time together and just be.  Ya know?

So how about you?  Do you date night?

This was my love note to Music Man during our date night recently.  Isn't it romantic? 

And he said "yes" he would "go with me".  He is so choice!  Like totally!  What a fox!

 I need to go put on my head gear now,

Missy (My junior high school name)

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