Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Newbie's Guide to New York City-Part II-Food Glorious Food!

Someone once told me that New York City has over 18, 000 places to eat!  From five star restaurants to little mom and pop shops and everything in between.  Whew!  That is a lot of places to fill your faces.

It would take someone like 50 + years to eat at every single eatery, if they went to a new place each day. Crazy!

Well, when my oldest daughter, in laws and I were in NYC recently, we did not even come close to trying all 18, 000 restaurants.  But we did enjoy some totally amazing food.  My hips and thighs can testify to it.

Here is a culinary recap:

The luck of the Irish was with us as we paid a visit to Langan's, located near Times Square.  The corn beef and cabbage soup was just delicious and the bread pudding, help me!

For THE BEST HOT DOG you will ever eat go to Gray's Papaya.

Gray's Papaya? Yes, you read it correctly.  This hot dog joint is named after one of the famous juices that it serves.

Here is the wall of juicy drinks:

And here is my oldest monkey girl and her grandmama enjoying THE BEST HOT DOG EVER!

We had some pretty near perfect pizza at John's Times Square.  What a cavernous place this is!  There is a gorgeous winding staircase that leads up to a large second floor dining area and I counted three brick pizza ovens. The service was excellent. 

Pasta, pasta, pasta, the soul food of my life.  Hey, I'm part Italian, what can I say?  The best place to find real Italian, homemade pasta is on Mulberry Street in Little Italy.  Il Palazzo proved to be a winner in my book.

And since I have this obsession with gnochhi (potato dumplings in blush sauce), I ordered a large plate full of the little darlings.  My great grandparents used to make gnocchi from scratch.  It is such a comfort food for me.  And thus, I ate so much of it, I almost could not move which was not comfortable at all.

There are so many options for breakfast in New York.  I really enjoyed one place in particular,  Pershing Square just outside of Grand Central Station.  The oatmeal and walnut waffles were to die for!

Okay, I have gained 10 lbs just reminiscing about the glorious food in New York, and I have not even mentioned the desserts yet.  Well, suffice it to say, that I sampled a sweet or two or three or ...

I have to give kudos to the Olive Garden for supplying us with some very tasty desserts.  I had a custard sampler that was divine.  White chocolate amaretto... dark chocolate with caramel.  Oh my!

Well, there you have it.  I may have been a NYC Newbie, but I can testify to good food when I taste it.  And boy, did I ever taste it.  My scale can testify to that.




  1. Oh, and I should have told you before you go, Chelsea area has a restaurant with nothing but different flavors of rice pudding! Oh, and there is this place near Broadway that is called Five Napkin Burger....

  2. Next time, sister! And there will definitely be a next time.