Monday, February 28, 2011

"Egg Plants"

My sincere apologizes to all of my friends in arctic regions of the world, but spring is in the air here in sunny Central Florida and I just have to talk about it.

Now, I'm not bragging, but it has been nice enough outside to wear shorts and sandals.  And once or twice this past weekend I actually felt hot standing outside.

I'm not bragging though.  I am just sharing.

And the monkeys have actually been in the pool.  Of course, they have no nerve endings and so they can handle the frigid water.  Not me though.  I'll wait until the water warms up another 20 degrees or so.  I prefer the water when it is more like bath water than pool water.  I am weird like that.

But, I am just telling you all this because I like to share.  I am not trying to rub in the fact that you are still shoveling snow while I pick oranges or anything like that, really.  Honestly.

So, since it is really beautiful outside and spring is almost here in Central Florida, in February, we have decided to start our adventures in gardening.

We are starting on a small scale for now, but we have big plans.  BIG, I tell you!

For now, the youngest monkey girls and I wanted to celebrate the lovely weather by growing some flowers.

Enter "Egg Plants"...

These adorable eggs were sent to the monkeys by Music Man's mom and dad.

The monkeys cracked the top of their "eggs" with a spoon. Each egg holds seeds for a different flower. We will be growing Marigolds, Snapdragons, and Impatiens.  

A little water...

And presto!  We will keep you updated on the progress of the egg plants.

For now though, I need to go sit outside on the patio and have some iced tea.

Now, I am not bragging or anything.

I just love iced tea on a warm, nearly spring day.

And I just want to share with you how much I love living in sunny Central Florida.

But I am not bragging.  Really.  Sincerely.

You can come and visit anytime.

Hugs and sunshine,


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