Sunday, February 6, 2011

From Green Crackers to Super Bowl Champs - Thata Baby, Pack!!!

 When our middle monkey boy was two, he called the Green Bay Packers the Green Crackers.

Music Man's parents were born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  They remember when the Packers used to play in the high school football stadium.

Being a Packer fan is not an option in this family.  You are born a fan, it's in the genetics. Period.

In this family, you are also genetically pre-disposed to loving cheese, lots of it.  Oh, and bratwurst, lots of it.  Burp.

Yep, we are Cheese Heads.  The whole lot of us.  From the itty bitty babies to...

the tumbly, bumbly toddlers to...

The Old Gultachuser. (click to read more)

And I think that I speak for us all when I quote the rally cry of my dear father-in-law...

"Thata Baby, Pack!!!"

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