Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mr. Green Screen

Our middle monkey boy loves to make movies.  He and his friends will spend hours shooting scenes in and around our house.  It makes me feel like I am on the set of some crazy, stream of consciousness sitcom.

I am impressed by their focus and their stamina.  Like when they need to get that fart scene just right even if it takes them twenty tries.

I am also a bit paranoid that they will pull some kind of candid camera stunt on me and post it on You Tube for the entire world to see.  I find myself looking over my shoulder a lot and checking cabinets and laundry piles to make sure there are no hidden microphones or cameras.

Recently, our monkey man got himself a green screen and lighting kit.  He had saved up some sweet moolah for about a year. Then he researched and educated himself on the right supplies to purchase.  He made us very proud, he did.

This picture makes me smile.  All the big monkeys are working together to set up the green screen which proved to be quite a job. 

The concentration (Or is that constipation?) on his face just kills me.

And here he is plotting his next cinematic masterpiece.

Which probably involves taking this shot of his sisters jumping and editing it to look like they are wearing flatulation powered suits that are blasting them off into outer space.

Just imagine if you will, the sound effects and visuals that would go along with this scene.  It's enough to bring a tear to my eye.

I am one proud / paranoid / potty humored momma.




  1. Cass wants to come play with you! She will be learning green screen techniques for her masters next year!

  2. Thanks ladies! Aaron and Cassie would be quite the film duo!