Thursday, February 3, 2011

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave When We Throw Our Baubles With Our Beads!

Just look at this mess...

This, I am ashamed to say, is my jewelry drawer.

There are necklaces tangled into knots that would make a sailor swear.

Bracelets and brooches are buried under rings and earrings.

It is no wonder why I can not find a darn thing!

Well today, I had an epiphany, a bright idea, I thunk up sompin' real good...

It involved this lovely item...

But let's start at the beginning of this brilliant idea shall we?

It all started back, way, way, back, a long time ago in when I was in graduate school at Florida State University.

And I lived in this furnished apartment with about 12 other girls.  Or maybe it was 20.

This apartment was a very sought after piece of property.  It was right on the edge of campus and close to all the creature comforts that a college student would ever need.  Which basically consisted of 7-11 and Dominoes' Pizza. Oh, and the rent was cheap (especially when split 27 ways).

Legend had it, that the apartment had not been vacant since the 1970's.  And, I am pretty sure that the apartment had not been updated since that era either. Nothing screams 70's more than orange shag carpet and dark brown paneling.  And the roaches were still wearing bell bottoms.

During my second year of graduate school, the apartment was bought by a fraternity and we were kindly asked to make other living arrangements.  But as a consolation prize, my 24 roommates and I were told that we could take any of the furniture that we wanted.  The frat boys were definitely not interested in the mustard yellow couch and chaise lounge or the 1970's stereo complete with an 8-track.

I was not particularly interested in any of the furnishings except for one thing.  It was this charming little glass top table with a white wrought iron pedestal.  I had always liked that quirky little table and I soon made it mine.

Well, that little glass top table has been with me through the single years and into the married with kids years.  The glass top broke many moons ago, but I could not part with the base.  I knew that one day I would find a use for it.  It sat in the garage for years and years until yesterday...

And then, the idea came to me.  Why not make the base of the table into a jewelry stand?

Necklaces and bracelets could delicately dangle from the arms of the table.

See how cute the little flowers and leaves are? Wouldn't they be perfect for perching rings and earrings on?

So, now I am on a mission.  It's time to show my jewelry drawer who is boss.

Stay tuned...tomorrow I will unveil the finished product.



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