Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Daddy, I have a frope"

The oldest monkey holding the youngest monkey.

When our eldest monkey was just a wee lad, he came down with a cold.

(I have always thought that was such a strange expression.   Came down with a cold.  Isn't that strange?  I came up with an idea, then I came down with a cold.  Sheesh, our crazy English language!)

Anyway, our little guy was sick and he had a sore throat.  He was in preschool at the time, and his teacher asked him if he wanted to call us, so he called Music Man at work and asked him to please come get him because he had a "frope" (translation - sore throat).  Music Man asked our oldest monkey if he was sick and he responded in his sweet, little scratchy voice, "Yes, I mam" (translation-"Yes, I am.").  So we got him home and fed him some chicken noodle soup and some tea with honey, kissed his little head, tucked him soundly to bed...

and he is is still sleeping.

Oh, how fast they grow!

Walking down memory lane,


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