Friday, June 7, 2013

Frogs and Frat Boys

It has been raining cats and dogs here in Central Florida thanks to Tropical Storm Andrea.  Thank you Andrea, you were tons of fun.

After all the rain subsided late last night, the cats and dogs were replaced with frogs, frogs and more frogs.  They began croaking, chirping, and making a horrible din just as we were trying to go to sleep. I have never heard such a racket!  Actually, that is not true.  I used to live next to a fraternity house when I was in college.  Every Thursday through Saturday night from 2 AM until 5 AM, I would kiss sleeping soundly goodbye.  It turns out that frogs and frat boys have some things in common.  Let's explore, shall we?

1.  Much like frat boys, frogs usually get wild, crazy, and loud after they have been exposed to a lot of liquid.  Frogs like water, frat boys like beer.

2.  Frat boys usually begin getting really rambunctious around 2 AM or so.  So do frogs.

3.  Frat boys like to play loud, obnoxious music all hours of the night.  Frogs like to make loud, obnoxious music all hours of the night.

4. Frat boys like to sleep all day.  Frogs like to sleep all day.

5.  Some frogs are really slimy and creepy.  Hmmm...

6.  Frat houses are usually stinky and messy.  Frogs are messy.  They poop all over our front porch.

7.  Frogs pee on things.  Frat boys enjoy a good bladder bust party (or two) per week and well,  what goes in, must come out.  Random trees and even sidewalks seem to be popular relief options.

8. Frogs eat gross things like flies and moths.  Frat boys eat, week old pizza or worse.

9.  If you kiss a frog, it will not turn into a prince.  Ditto for frat boys.

10.  An old wives' tale says that frogs can give you warts.  This may or may not apply to frat boys.




  1. I married a very sweet frat boy who in no way resembled or resembles a frog. He's my prince! Many of his frat brothers, however, could have been described as totally toady.

    1. Totally toady! I love it! I am so glad that your frat boy is such a fantastic guy!

  2. One of those frogs hopped onto my screen door and then sort of fell into my house when I opened the door. I found him later, well half of him. My basset hound found him first.

    1. UGH!!!! Our dog does that to lizards.