Friday, June 28, 2013


Anyone here in Orlando been to Universal to ride the new Transformers-The Ride 3D? What did you think about it?

I rode it last May when it first opened out at Universal Studios in Hollywood and LOVED it! It was the perfect mix of totally terrifying and absolutely exhilarating. My kind of ride! And it sounds fantastic!

Of course, I am a little bias because Pete did all of the sound design and mixing for both Transformer rides. Actually, there is another Transformers' ride in Singapore that he designed sound for and mixed too.

His sound pallet included unique, original sound effects that he created especially for each of the Autobots. Sounds that include layers of whooshes, whirls, and amped up motors.

I love it when Pete records elements for custom sound effects. Like the time when we were in the Bahamas and he whipped out his portable recording device to record a jack hammer. People always stop and wonder what he is doing. Or like the time when I was nursing our youngest daughter and ahem...using a breast pump...and he recorded the swishy, sucky sounds of the pump motor. Strange? Unique? Art?

And I have an insider source that leaked (no pun intended) that the breast pump motor sounds were indeed utilized to create the Autobots. Just a little bit of trivia for you on this fine Friday evening.

And now, go forth and ride Transformers. Try not to think about my breast pump as you listen to the awesome sound design.



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