Sunday, June 30, 2013


We received quite bit of swag at the blogging conference that I attended last week.  The companies that sponsored the conference were very generous.  One of my favorite freebies was this super, cute cloth coloring page from the SquareSpace web designing company.  Really cool company, by the way.


Little Monkey has really enjoyed coloring in all of the NYC icons.  It has been fun to watch him pick out just the right color of washable marker for each little picture.

The taxis had to all be yellow.  I love that the page has little bagels and even rats.  Those definitely represent New York.  NYC rats don't play. 

Purple for the subways.  Not sure why.

The really cool thing is that it gave Little Monkey and I some great fodder for conversation. We talked about the most famous tall buildings in New York.  He has been designing the Empire State building with his Legos for a while now.

We talked about all the sights, smells  and sounds of NYC.

We talked about the bridges as we colored them in.

The really cool thing is that after we talked and colored, we washed the coloring page because it can be used again and again.  Next time maybe Little Monkey will color the rats pink.  That might make them less scary.

Great teaching tool, great craft, and great idea!  It reminds me of this t-shirt.



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