Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rockin It!

If you have been hanging around with us for a while here on "This and That", you have probably noticed that my husband Pete (the artist formerly known as Music Man) is well, musical.  In fact, everyone in our family is musical, except for me.  I like to dance to music and I can sort of, kind of, hold a tune, but that's all folks.

Pete on the other hand has been rocking out since he was a kid.  It all started with piano lessons and some musical genes from his mom who sings like an angel.  Then when Pete was a teen, he began playing in bands at weddings and such.  Before long, he had his own band with some of his guy friends called Paradigm Shift.

And now for some dramatic 80's band photos...

Oh gosh, this one really rocks...

That Pete he's so hot right now!  (name that movie)

Okay, so fast forward, um, a few years to this past weekend and here we have Pete still rockin it...

Pete and some co-workers went out a few nights ago in Japan and jammed out at a local club called Captain Kangaroos (only in Japan :-) ).  He had a blast! That man has got some pipes!

Hurry home, Music Man. I need a love song!



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