Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas - Day 9

Today's gift idea is the bee's knees.  It's fun and functional.

Take a looksy-

What we have here is a color your own t-shirt (Hybrid Apparel) complete with washable markers.

My sweet daughter found this at Kohl's last month while shopping with her home girls.

A couple of her friends bought one of these shirts too, so they must be trendy tees.

The cool thing about these t-shirts is that you can color them a different way each time you launder them, because the washable marker washes out.

If you want a purple robot instead of a green robot, just wash it and start again.  If you like pink stars instead of yellow, wash and color.

Hey, wait a minute, maybe this tee is the ticket to getting your teen to do some laundry.  This t-shirt could change your life. You should by a least a dozen =).

Changing lives one laundry load at a time,


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