Saturday, July 6, 2013

From Fireworks to Fireflies

The monkeys were pretty mesmerized by the fireworks on the Fourth; however, they were even more enamored with the fireflies in the backyard last night.

Fireflies are a novelty to our kids because we do not see them in our part of Florida.  We see plenty of other flies, wasps, and crazy, creepy flying creatures (ever heard of a mud dauber?), but no magical fireflies.

Last night, when the backyard that we are enjoying began lighting up with a post dinner miniature luminary show, the monkeys took flight down the stairs and began flitting and floating around the yard trying to catch one, or two, or three of those glow bugs. 

It was a sweet end to our day.  Dessert for this momma's soul to see them so happy.  I don't know what was glowing more brightly, their faces or my heart.



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