Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Magnifying the Bombastic City

We have now entered our fourth and final week here in New York.  This city is so vast, so diverse, so dynamic.  It is layer upon layer of people, history, culture, art, cuisine, fashion, industry, transportation, recreation, nature and on and on.  Such a big, bombastic city on the surface, but let's go deeper, look a little closer at the million tiny details that mesh together to make New York, well...New York.

These are some shots from today...(please click on the picture to enlarge).

Golden Wreath from Ancient Greece (MET)

Reconstructed facade of the Tiffany Family House in New York (MET)

In a hurry in Central Park.

Bath time in Central Park.

Guardians of the East 81 Street Playground in Central Park...


Tunnel of Angels frescos and mosaics in detail (Central Park)...

Hidden Owls... (The Mall in Central Park)

Flowered Bench (The Mall Central Park)

Central Park Carousel

There is so much more that I want to share with you.  Yesterday's ferry ride, our favorite haunts for food, tips for traveling with kids, our hiking adventures, but I just felt the need today to slow down and take in all the details, smell the roses, see the forest for the trees, and all that jazz. 



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