Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The High Line

The past few times that we have visited Manhattan, it has been February.  And when it's February in New York, it's cold.  Let's just say outside activities are not very fun in February. There are so many amazing parks and nature trails right here in the city, but in the winter-no bueno!

I have been dying to go to the High Line though. This nature lover's dream is a repurposed elevated train track turned meandering sky garden.

It is so lovely that we have been there twice already.  We plan on going again to participate in one of the many kids' activities hosted at the park.  Like Wacky Wednesdays, where today our youngest monkeys could explore the wonders of photosynthesis.  The High Line provides a beautiful backdrop for all kinds of learning and exploration.  It is a must see in NYC, in my opinion.

The plantings in the gardens remind me of Pete's parents' prairie in Wisconsin.  Black-eyed Susan's, Cone flowers, Bee balm, Queen Anne's Lace are everywhere, and oh-so-fragant.  Bees as big as my thumb buzz lazily around the gardens, drunk from all the nectary goodness.

There are gorgeous areas to sit and soak up the sun and views of the river and the city.  In fact, some of the seating areas are moveable because they are attached to the old railroad tracks.

The monkeys loved dipping their toes into the pebble pool, or watching the city move and shake from the viewing windows overlooking the avenue.

Pete and I loved the food court with amazing selections from local vendors like Brooklyn Soda Company or my absolute favorite The Taco Truck.  Let me tell you something, their green salsa is so darn tasty that every time you eat it,  it should be declared a national holiday.

The best part about the High Line is that it is free.  Oh, and they are expanding it. Yippee!



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