Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dessert Before Dinner Always Wins

Going out to eat with little monkeys can be a challenge at times.  We find this to be especially true when we are traveling.  Let's face it, monkeys do not like to wait even 10 minutes for their food, let alone an hour.  It is usually easier (and more economical, healthy, etc) to cook and eat at home.

However, since we are traveling now and trying to take in all the sights and offerings in the city, we have found ourselves out and about around meal times a few instances since we have been here.  Like our first night, when we decided to explore a bit on the Upper East Side of the city.  Pete and I have been to a really amazing Italian marketplace called Eataly here in the city a couple of times in the past.  It is quite the event to go to Eataly.  There are restaurants, a fresh market with cheeses, fish, meats, pastas, breads, wines, and basically everything amazing and Italian, plus a gelato counter that will blow your mind, coffee bar, and even a cooking school.  Love, love Eataly! 

So, we took the monkeys and showed them around the marketplace, then we put in our reservation for dinner at the pizza restaurant.  We had an hour to kill, so we decided to do dessert first.  Salted caramel gelato.  Oh heavens!

Then Pete and our middle monkey went over to Buy Buy Baby to pick up a stroller for Little Monkey, while I took the rest of our crew across the street to Madison Square Park for some post dessert, pre-dinner playground fun. They had a great time monkeying around.

We also feasted our eyes on the extremely eclectic Red, Yellow, and Blue rope art exhibit, featured in the park right now.  

Before too long, I received a text that our reservation was ready and we went back to Eataly to have some primo pizza.  The kids loved watching our pizza cook in the gold wood burning oven and having staring contests with their dad.  

Big time score for Eataly and Madison Square Park for a successful outing with hungry monkeys. High fives all around.  And dessert before dinner is highly underrated.  



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