Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Monkey on the Mend

I am happy to report that after some breathing treatments Little Monkey is getting better.  In fact, he was back riding the subway today like a champ.  He is a huge fan of the C Train. He is also a huge fan of his daddy.

Little Monkey is a little punky still.  

Also, we had a great surprise tonight at dinner time.  We were at the table and noticed Fire Truck 47 pull up to adjust the fire hydrant.

Here are just a few pictures of the fire fighters adjusting the spray cap...

Just a few pictures, mind you...

 Not too many pictures or anything...

Oh, I didn't want to forget this one...

Have I mentioned that I have a strong admiration for firemen?

The stream of water coming out has actually been a little low which is dangerous for the kids because cars can not see the water and be alerted that the kids are playing on the side of the street. The street is very busy.
This is not a big enough stream for the kids' safety.
One of the neighborhood mothers called the fire department to help adjust the flow. And like the wonderful civil servants that they are, they came to make everything safer for the kids.

Bye, bye.  Come back anytime, really.
Our monkeys were so excited!

Little Monkey's friend Samson joined in the water party.

Then taxis and other cars came to get impromptu car washes.

"Free car wash!"
Before long, everyone was singing, smiling and super soaked.

I love summer, and happy monkeys, and fire fighters!



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