Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Runny Noses and Fire Hydrants

We have had a couple of down days around here.  There is this horrendous cold that has been picking us off one at a time.  Poor Little Monkey is so miserable right now.  Truth be told, I am feeling pretty gross as well.  Could it be several sleepless nights in a row?  Or the fact that Pete has been on a business trip (I never sleep when he is gone).

Sick in the City

The good news is, it's just a cold and it will run its course.  And trust me, there is a lot of running and flowing of the nose with this junk.  And also, the obligatory high fever that leaves your forehead feeling like a frying pan.  It stinks.

Speaking of flowing and frying pans.  New York City is having a heat wave, my friends.  It is hotter here than it is in Orlando.  And oh, so humid.  The play yard was a ghost town yesterday when I passed by on my way to the pharmacy.  Then around 3 PM,  just when the heat was reaching a fever pitch, something magical happened on our street.  The fire hydrant was opened and all the kids (and some big kids at heart, a.k.a adults) took to the street and had a party water.  There were mommies and their babies, teens with buckets, cups, anything that would hold water, and one renegade goofball with a super soaker.  It was awesome to watch!

Our monkeys were too sick and so sad not to be able to go join in on the fun, but maybe tomorrow?

Let's get this party started!
Interesting fact:  NYC has 109, 000 fire hydrants. It is actually illegal (and potentially dangerous) to open a fire hydrant unless you have a spray cap which tames the water and makes it come out of the hydrant like a sprinkler. An adult can go to their local fire department and ask for a spray cap, and if you are really lucky (in my opinion) a NYFD fire fighter might just come turn on the fire hydrant on your street for you. Here is a quick article about spray caps with some cool pictures. 



P.S. I have a "strong admiration" for fire fighters and sound designers. 

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