Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two Fleas and a Dog

Flea markets that is, with Asian style hot dogs thank you very much.  Of course, my monkeys weren't going for the pork belly or kimchee toppings.  Plain Janes!

The past two weekends we have ventured over to Brooklyn to attend the super delicious Smorgasburg and vintage vibby Brooklyn Flea.  Neither disappointed.  I mean come on, what's there not to love about...

Takoyaki, which I ADORE and have not had since we were in Osaka 10 years ago.  Taste buds let me reintroduce you to my little friends tako and yaki.

 How about Connecticut style lobster rolls?  All buttery goodness.

 Frozen s'more, anyone? No?  Okay, I'll eat yours, and mine, and theirs...

The big dogs went in for the kill with buttermilk battered, fried chicken and cheddar waffles. No, they did not share.  Bad dogs!

The little dog went for some McClure's dill potato chips.  He didn't share either.  I basically had to sneak a few. Incidentally, Bob McClure, the founder of McClure's Pickles is such a family man.  I had the pleasure of seeing him speak at Alt Summit in June.  It was so nice to hear someone putting family before business.  Plus, their pickles are AMAZING!

How fun are these brick gardens?

These antique ceiling tiles were calling my name.

Plus, this table and chair set?  I am so digging that emerald green.

Distressed purple?  Purple is such a fun flashy color and it was very unexpected to see it distressed.  I like it though.

Antique fan, keys and cameras...

What a cool set up they have over there in Williamsburg!  Fantastic food, cool finds, and gorgeous views of Manhattan. 

Plus, Brooklyn?  You are quite the character.  It was fun to meet you!




  1. Brooklyn is so much more interesting now then when I lived there...... food looks good!!

  2. Well hello there, Alla! It is so nice to "meet" you through your amazing blog," On the Same Page" (http://onthesamepageblog.com/blog). Thank you for being a part of the "This and That" community.
    Brooklyn is indeed a great place for food and fun! Unique parks for kids and adults, including a super cool "Pop Up Pool" for the summer over in the Brooklyn Heights area. Plus, how awesome is it to take a ferry from Manhattan to Brooklyn and travel under all those structural beauties (Williamsburg Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan Bridge). Our monkeys were mesmerized.
    When did you live in Brooklyn?