Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Garbage Truck is Coming, The Garbage Truck is Coming!!!

Have you ever heard the saying that one person's trash is another person's treasure?  Well, it is very true at our house, though not in the way that you would think. You see, every Tuesday morning, without fail, there is jubilation and joy in our house.  After all, it is Garbage Day and Little Monkey loves Garbage Day.  He is lobbying to make it a national holiday, but for now it is just his favorite day of the week.

No matter where that monkey is in the house, he always hears the tell-tale rumble of the garbage truck as it approaches our street.  And no matter what the Little Monkey is doing, he stops, drops, and runs full speed to the front window to greet that beloved brown Western Waste Management garbage truck as it rolls to our drive.  So far, we have managed to make sure that he is dressed when he gets to the window, but he would not care either way. It's Garbage Day!!!

Sometimes we step outside to wave to our waste management friends.  If Little monkey is really lucky, the driver will honk the horn.  This usually gets the monkey jumping and cheering.  And there are smiles all around.

Little Monkey watches as the truck stops and starts again at each house collecting trash and feeding the truck.  He explains to me that the truck is very hungry.  It's name is Mack. As Mack pulls away and heads off the to next street, Little Monkey is always a bit bummed until I remind him that the recycling truck is on it's way.  It's name is Mack, also.

Oh, the simple joys of childhood!



P.S.  My Aunt Lorraine has a Montessori school and she has taught her students all about community helpers.  Every week when the garbage truck comes, the students bring the workers bottles of cold water.  So sweet!

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