Saturday, April 27, 2013

This and That - Weekend Edition

I'm so glad that it's the weekend!!!  This weekend we have a long "to do" list.  Running errands, cleaning, laundry, laundry, laundry.  I can tell you for sure what we won't be doing though.  We won't be going to the circus.  Yes, it's in town, but we will not, I repeat not, be going.  Why?  You might ask would I deprive our sweet monkeys from going to the big top?  One word...clowns.

Clowns could not be creepier or freakier.  Everything about them is just so wrong.  So very wrong.

When I was a kid, my parents would take us to a popular local attraction called Circus World.  I always got very nervous and anxious when we went there.  Clowns were there.  They were everywhere.

True story - I used to tap my mom's arm to get her attention.  I talked a lot.  Big surprise, huh?  Anyway, when we were at Circus World one time waiting for a show to start, I kept tapping my mom's arm and asking her questions.  I tapped and talked, tapped and talked, until she was tapped out.  She turned toward me with an irritated look on her face and said, "What now?", only it wasn't me tapping her that time.  It was a clown.  The whole audience was watching and laughing.  Poor mom.  Clowns!  They were everywhere.

So where will you be this weekend?  What's on your agenda?  Do you have plans to go to the circus?

Watch out for the clowns!

Here is some extra-curricular fun for you from around the web:

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A house that babysits?  Yes, please! Wait! Does it do laundry too?

Have a great weekend!




  1. Great post, I was never much a fan of cowns either. Nice throwback to Circus World, we live 3 miles from where it used to be. It's a shopping center now - we have Target, Best Buy, JC Penney and Dick's Sporting Goods.. oh and Twistee Treat LOL

  2. Ever see any stray clowns lurking around?