Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This One Goes Out To All The Fellas...

My fella's photo credit

This one is for all the fellas out there.  Ladies, you are welcome to listen in also.  Okay guys, if you have a lady in your life then this post is of upmost importance.  Upmost! 

Take a second right now and imagine your sweet lady’s face.  Those bright, shining eyes, that gorgeous nose, those rosy cheeks, those lovely lips, that sweet chin...wait a second...let’s linger a moment on the chin.  Look closely at her chin (still imagining), is there anything protruding, poking or otherwise sticking out of that amazing chin of hers?  Let's say...maybe a stray hair or two or three that she might not have noticed when she was rushing out of the house this morning to get kids to kid places, or to get to work, or where ever she goes everyday after she barely has time to get herself dressed, let alone linger and look at herself in the mirror, which she can’t even see herself clearly in because her eyes are not quite focused due to the lack of sleep she had because she was up way too late getting everything ready for the morning rush?  

Maybe fellas, in your imagination, you are seeing those couple or few wisps of hair that seemingly sprung up over night and your thinking to yourself, “Hmm, I should help out my sweet lady and let her know that she has a couple, few stray hairs on her otherwise perfect chin.”  To that I would say, “Yes fella.  Yes, you should.”  Because, and I am just guessing here, that would be a much better way for your girl to start her day than the alternative of having some random child ask her if she is growing a beard.  Again, I’m just guessing and not at all speaking from personal experience.  

Here’s an idea gents, just go online right now and order your dolly a very affordable and highly functional magnified mirror with a built in light.  Your honey will potentially see any problem areas, then you won’t have to do any imagining about stray hairs and such.  Plus, BONUS! if your lady friend has been imagining that you have stray hairs protruding from your seriously handsome nose or fantastic ears, then you will be able to address those potential strays as well. Hypothetically speaking of course. 

Guys, I am so glad that we had this conversation.  I am imagining that it will help all potential parties involved. 

High fives all around, 


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