Friday, April 12, 2013

This and That - Weekend Edition

BabyCakes in L.A.
THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!  Oh yes!  It has been a busy week and it's time for some real fun!  Donuts anyone?  Maybe a chance to sleep in?  Please monkeys...please let us sleep in...

Pete had a glazed cake donut and I had a cookie sandwich served up on the cutest vintage china plates ever! 
But seriously, donuts anyone?  If you live in NYC, LA, or Orlando you are in luck.  BabyCakes is the bomb bakery for anyone who wants to eat sweets, without the guilt or grossness of artificial, processed garbage in them.  Plus gluten free, soy free, vegan donuts?  Shut the front door!  And, you can order their bake kits and cookbooks online.  Yumminess!

Speaking of food and eating, which it seems like I'm always doing, have you all seen this video?

Hilarious!  It kind of reminds me of mealtimes at our house.  Where every barnyard and wild animal is amply represented by at least one of our children.

Not sure?
Have a great weekend everyone!  See you Monday.  Can't wait, it's gonna be great!



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