Friday, January 14, 2011


arachnophobia |əˌraknəˈfōbēə|


extreme or irrational fear of spiders.

And underneath this definition in the dictionary would be a picture of me curled up in the fetal position and sucking my thumb after seeing a spider.

Oh Mylanta!!! Do I have a fear of spiders!!! And snakes, and alligators, and Lady Elaine Fairchild on Mister Roger's Neighborhood (those red cheeks, that pointy nose, those beady eyes).

There are quite a few spiders that like to set up camp on our pool deck.  It totally creeps me out.

There are times when I can not even let poor Tink out for her morning constitutional because there is some large spider web blockade by the screen door.  And there ain't no way that I am going to mess with it.

Tink, just cross your legs okay.  Or go pee on the rug in the back hallway like you always do anyway, even after I have let you out a million times to do your business. Really Tink?

Anyhow, I hate spiders. Always have, always will.  I know that they serve a very important purpose on this Earth and that they are God's creatures, but gross!  Just gross!

And then, just when I am at the pinnacle of my phobic rant, my oldest daughter points out to me something very unusual about the spider on the back deck.

It has a happy face on it's back.  I think that it is smiling at me. 

Maybe not all spiders are created equal. 

Maybe this particular spider is special. 

Maybe I can learn to love this spider.

Maybe not.

Have a happy day,

Phobic in Florida

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