Monday, January 10, 2011

My Precious Panettone

Raise your hand if you like Panettone?

Raise your hand if you like French Toast?

Raise your hand if you would like to do my laundry?


Bueller?, Bueller? (Name that movie)

Okay, okay!  So I was just kidding about the laundry.  But, I was so serious about the Panettone and French Toast.

Panettone is a sweet Italian bread made with raisins and candied fruit.  It is made at Christmas time and it makes a lovely gift.

In fact, my dear friend and neighbor, Anna, brought our family a Panettone for Christmas.  (Thanks, Anna!)

It. Was. Delicious!

We had some on Friday night.  I had to fight off the monkeys to keep them from eating it all.  It was a scary scene.  I think that I threatened them in Italian (and I do not even speak Italian).  I ended up sleeping with the Panettone under my pillow just in case.  It's mine, all mine, my precious!!!!

And then on Saturday, I sliced up the remainder of the sweet Italian loaf, dunked it into some milk and eggs, and fried it up in a pan with butter.

OMT (Oh My Tastebuds!) was it ever amazing!  Panettone French Toast with real Maple Syrup. 

Doesn't it look delectable? (Actually this photo is pretty crappy, but don't judge a Panettone by its picture.)

I'll make you some if you come and do my laundry.  Aw, come on.  You know you want some.



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