Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something Beautiful - Monkey Love

Today, as we were going about our daily business of school and more school, the usual playtime noises from our littlest monkey were suddenly replaced by silence.  And in my world, when the littlest monkey is quiet it usually means trouble, with a capital "T".  There could be any number of shenanigans afoot when the little man is on the loose.  Anything from toilet bowl fishing to total bookcase evacuations could be happening.  And boy is he fast!

But this day, the source of the sudden quiet would prove to be something beautiful.

This is what the little guy was doing when my mom radar located him.

Look how intently he is studying the picture in the frame in front of him.  He did this for several minutes.

And then he did this.  I love this photo, where he is smiling and touching the picture.

But what really makes this so very touching, is that the picture that he is looking at is our family picture.  He stood there for a long time captivated by that photo.  He smiled at it, touched it and talked about it. He understood that this is his family.  His mommy, daddy, brothers and sisters.  He kept saying our names and would say, "That's the baby" when he pointed to himself. Oh, what a sweet, sweet moment! 

After that, it was back to business as usual.  We hit the books.  And the little monkey?  Well, he thought that the floor needed to be washed with the water from the dog's bowl and some toilet paper.  Cheeky Monkey!



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