Sunday, January 23, 2011

Something Beautiful - A Reflection of Love

This weekend was a whirlwind of errand running, cleaning and organizing.

Music Man and I went to IKEA and spent the better part of an afternoon trying to design a storage solution for our oldest son's room.

We were clueless. The learning curve was really high and my blood sugar was really low.  I convinced myself that I needed a cinnamon bun, but I could not convince my hubs.  So, I found myself zoning out and wandering around the department people-watching while Music Man found someone to help us with our designing dilemma. 

As I rounded the corner of the display room, I noticed a woman in a wheelchair.  She was looking at her reflection in a mirror.  A man, who I believe to be her husband, was standing behind her looking at her reflection as well.  He had such a look of love and admiration in his eyes as he studied her. I glanced away, feeling like I was intruding on an private moment.  But, I could not help but to take another look at their reflection again.  This time the man was brushing the woman's hair.  Without any hesitation or embarrassment, he brushed her hair right there in the middle of the store, like they were in the privacy of their own home.  And all the while, he was looking at her with a smile on his face and eyes that adored her. A tangible gentleness and tenderness was reflected in that mirror.  The mirror held a live picture of a true commitment between two people to take care of each other even down to the smallest details.  The man in the reflection understood his lady's need to look nice in public, but her physical inability to take action.  He became her hands. He met that need.  It was a true reflection of love.  Something beautiful.

I wandered back over to Music Man and we finished up our project. Then, he lovingly took me over to the food counter and bought me a cinnamon bun.  And that was so awesome that I may have decided to have some Swedish meatballs.  And, I might have had some mashed potatoes and ligonberry sauce.  And maybe a ligonberry soda too. 

If you will excuse me now I have to ask Music Man to fix the scale, because I just weighed myself and it is saying something scary.



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