Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's a Trainiac.

He's a trainiac, trainiac on the floor.
And he builds tracks like he's never built before.

Yes, our little dude is making tracks to new destinations each day.  I love listening to him construct and converse with his tracks and trains.

"Coal caw is cwoss." (translation: "Coal car is cross.")
"Do you want to wide?" (translation:  "Do you want to ride?")
"Oh no! The twain fell off the twacks!" (Can you tell he has the Elmer Fudd thing going on?)

His little imagination muscles are growing.  His constructive and symbolic play skills are flourishing (Sorry, it's the Speech Therapist coming out in me.).

From tracks of cross-continental proportions to the smaller figure-eight configurations; it's fun to watch him build tracks and line his trains up ready for action.  I am sure that there is all kinds of pre-math and physics stuff going on here.

Sometimes he wants to be the sole conductor, and other times he requests, "I want help us!" (His pronouns kill me.)

I just love how little people play and learn.  It amazes me!  So much can be said through play.  Maybe that is why it is used as a form of therapy for children who have experienced trauma.  Play is a child's language.

Want to really be blown away today?  Watch a child at play.

Okay, it's off to the twain yawd for me now

Have a playful day,


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