Monday, January 17, 2011

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids

I love local businesses!  Just love them!

Today, I want to recognize a really fabulous and fun business that is located in Central Florida where Music Man, the six monkeys, and moi reside.

The name of the business is Sharkey's Cuts for Kids.  It is a sweet little salon located in the heart of Avalon Park, Florida.

Sharkey's Cuts for Kids in Avalon Park is owned by a local family (Mark Garcia and Lee Lively-Garcia) who have a passion for their community and for kids.  All around the salon you will see evidence of the giving nature of Sharkey's owners and staff.  There's a sign at the register that explains that Sharkey's will give proceeds from each haircut to its clients' schools, there are hair bows and clips for sale made by local mamas, and hair products, like Zach's Wax, with a purpose.

The stylists there are super fun and gentle!  They have been trained to work with children with special needs such as cerebral palsy and autism.  

We recently took the youngest monkeys to Sharkey's to get their "hairs cut" as our youngest girl used to say.

Here are some highlights:

The littlest monkey loved getting his first official "Big Boy" haircut.  He was beside himself because he got to sit in a "Lighting McQueen" race car chair.

My girls were treated to complimentary mini manicures.  Sparkles included.

After having their hair washed with raspberry shampoo and chocolate conditioner (um, yum), the girls were escorted to the styling chairs which came complete with gaming systems to play.  The stylists were well versed in the different levels of Mario Cart and Lego Land.

How fun is this styling area for the little chiquetas? Hollywood lights and director's chairs, oh my!

The bathroom walls double as a chalk board for shout outs and journaling. 

 My ever-so-goofy girl rocking her new do.

Hair cut in a Barbie jeep.  Sweet!

 Extra time and care was taken with my sweet daughter's hair. 

So girly and fun!!!

Such a beauty!!!

Oh, and an added bonus is that moms and dads can get their "hairs cut" too!  I did and I love my new do.  The lemon-lime styling gel was a refreshing change from the norm.  

Thank you Lee and your wonderful stylists for taking a regular old haircut and making it Sharktastic!!!

Stylishly yours, 


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