Monday, January 17, 2011

My Quest for Skinny Jeans - Bursting the Exercise Bubble

Let me be brutally honest with you here.

I loathe exercising!  I despise it!  I hate it!  I'm allergic to it!

But alas, I know that I need to have some degree of exercise in my life to remain healthy and happy.  So, I try to look at exercising with an objective point of view.

Here are some pros and cons of exercising from my perspective:

Pro:  It's good for my cardiovascular health.

Con:  It makes my cardiovascular system want to go on strike.

Pro:  It's beneficial to my mental well being.  All those endorphins are a real upper.

Con:  Eating bons bons is good for my mental well being.  I can't eat bons bons and exercise at the same time, a real downer.

Pro:  It helps me sleep better.

Con:  All the extra "fluff" helps me enter into a hibernation state and I sleep just fine, thank you very much.

Pro:  It tones up my muscles and improves my posture.

Con:  It hurts my muscles and makes me want to curl into a fetal position and suck my thumb.

Pro:  It sets a good example for my kids.

Con:  My kids are always asking me pesky questions, like, "Mom, did you exercise today?" The nerve.

Pro:  It helps me to lose weight.

Con:  It makes me want to lose my mind.

So, what's a girl to do?

Two words.  Burst. Training.

Yes, burst training has changed my life.  And what, you might ask, is burst training?  It's 12 minutes of concentrated exercise per week.  That's it.  Period.

Here's the dealio:

Pick any exercise that you might enjoy or be able to tolerate ever so slightly.  Let's just say it's walking.

Now get your sneakers on and a stop watch in hand.

Set your stop watch for 30 seconds and start walking as fast as you can.

Step lively!  Step lively!

When the 30 seconds of fast walking is up, stop.

Rest for 30 seconds. Just stand still or walk slowly. Take a chill pill.

When the 30 seconds of rest is up,  walk as fast as you can for 30 seconds.

Work it, work it, own it!!!!

When the 30 seconds of fast walking is up, halt.

After 30 seconds of rest, walk as fast as you can for 30 seconds.  Go, go, go!!!

Now rest for 2 minutes.  You can stand still or walk slowly, but allow your body to recover.

Repeat this 3 times in a row and you are done. Seriously.  It's that easy.

For maximum benefit, you would want to burst train 3 times per week.

I did this last year along with modifying my diet and I lost 13 pounds in six weeks.  It totally blew my mind and my BMI!

BMI?  I used to think that this stood for Bring More Ice Cream. Silly me.

It actually stands for Body Mass Index.  And here's how to calculate that fun little number.

I found out this past week that my BMI is 29.  Which puts me in the "overweight" category.  It's always nice to know just what you are working with.  And it appears that I have quite a lot of mass to manage. 

Speaking of managing, how did you manage this past week with fighting the fluff?

I had an overall okay week.  I did not starve that's for sure.  I will share some of my meal ideas with you this week.  Homemade salsa and red peppers, black bean noodle soup, and even homemade ice cream to name a few.

But right now, I am going to weigh in and share my weight:

This was my weight over the weekend.  I did not even bother to take a new weight today, because I knew that it would be totally skewed.  This is my bloated time of the month and I always gain a pound or two of water weight (Sorry TMI, but hey, you already know my BMI, so we're friends right?).

So, as you can see I went from 163 to 161 (I am ignoring the decimal because decimals are annoying.).  That's a loss of two pounds in less than a week.  But, do not be deceived.  Some of this was purely "water" weight.  I would say that I did make my weekly goal of loosing 1 pound and that is a good thing.

Bring More Ice Cream,


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