Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Over the River, Through the Woods, and Across the Universe- Part 4 - An Oasis on the Interstate

After hours and hours and hours of driving, Music Man and I were jonesing for some coffee.  We were totally caffeine depleted.  We needed some Jo.

And then, just as we were reaching the zenith of our coffee craving, we just so happened to drive through Coffee County, Tennessee.  No kidding, there is a Coffee County in Tennessee and it was just taunting me.  No coffee, just cows and fields, no coffee in sight.  Oh, the inhumanity! Blast you, Coffee County, Tennessee! Blast you!

But out on the horizon, we saw something that gave us hope.  Was it a mirage?  Was it a hallucination? Was it the gateway to heaven on the highway?

Ah, Starbucks with a drive thru.  Bless you Coffee County, Tennessee!  Bless you!

Caffeine is my friend,


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