Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm Cuckoo for Cheese Curds

Have you ever had a cheese curd?  Well, if you haven't you must.  And if you have, you probably did not stop at just one.  They are additive. 

The first time I tried a cheese curd it was love at first squeak. 


Yes, squeak. 

The slightly, salty mild cheddar nuggets will literally squeak when you bite into them.  It's their way of saying hello to your taste buds.  Even the food is friendly in Wisconsin!

Aha! But, I discovered something even more yum then the fresh cheese curd. 

Say hello to my little friend the fried cheese curd.

I love these little nuggets!  They are not squeaky, just really cheesy (in a good way). The coating on the outside is crunchy and tastes a bit like Italian bread crumbs. 

There are yellow and white cheddar cheese curds.  Just look at that gooey goodness. 

And if I do not stop eating these little morsels, I will not be able to fit in the van for the ride home. 

Wait, maybe that would not be so bad.  Since we do not have cheese curds in Florida, maybe it is my destiny to live in Wisconsin.  Maybe I was meant to eat cheese curds for a living. 

Pondering life one cheese curd at a time,


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